Ming Math

Ming Math is an idea that my wife and I have been thinking about and working on for some time. It's pretty well-known that children in the US don't get a world-class math education during preschool through middle school. Rather than try to "fix the system" we decided to do something that would directly have a positive impact.

So what is Ming Math? It's a combination of hands-on math games that you can play with your child, along with instructional videos for you to learn how to play the games and know how to teach your child the fundamental math concepts that are often missed in school. We will also provide online practice that targets different concepts and is adaptive, guiding your child towards mastery of each concept.

Unlike the thousands of "math apps" out there, we're serious about helping children learn and equipping parents to teach their children. Existing apps and websites might provide entertaining drills for children, but they ignore the importance of direct instruction and interaction between the parent and child.

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